Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting Interrupted By Power Failure

Microsoft held its financial analyst meeting yesterday with the aim of providing more details about its brand new vision and redefined strategy. The event, however, was interrupted by issues.

Technical issues, obviously — a blown fuse cut off power during the meeting.

The keynote was hosted by Kevin Turner, the chief operating officer at the company when he was interrupted by a power outage. This not just affected the event itself, but the live streaming that allowed journalists and users around the globe to watch the presentation live was also cut off.

This peculiar little problem was confirmed on the official Twitter account:

“Fuse blew in the building. Power went down. Should be restored shortly.”

Proof that a technical problem can affect even the largest of companies!

The outage lasted around 30 minutes in total, and the live streaming began as soon as the company’s officials took the stage. Microsoft has, however, promised that it will be uploading Turner’s keynote online in its entirety to allow everyone to watch it in full.

For the record, this was one of the most informative Microsoft events in recent memory, whereby the technology titan shared plenty of numbers and statistics, its market share in various fields, its vision to transform into a devices and services firm, future strategies, among other things.

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