Microsoft’s Google Parody Video Is More Popular Than The Original Ad

Microsoft seems to have scored one ahead of its search engine rival, at least when it comes to video ads. The software titan launched a parody ad of Google Chrome a couple of weeks back.

Launched is a word used light here — it is said to be a leaked internal video.

The video is a parody of the “Chrome: Now Everywhere” ad that Google released a little while back. Microsoft’s parody ad pokes fun at Google Chrome, and shows users that Redmond’s Mountain View-based rival uses its browser to track users and collect personal data that helps it make a profit.

Before we get any further, take a look at the leaked video below:

The above video makes some very clear statements:

“Google watches everything you do, where you are, who you call, what you search, what you watch, the contents of your email and chats, who your friends are, what apps you own, what you buy, what you listen to. And it uses it to make a profit off of you.”

Statistically speaking, this leaked parody video has actually raked in more views than the original Google advertisement that the search engine giant released almost two months back.

Google’s “Chrome: Now Everywhere” ad has, as of this writing, 282,000 views — Microsoft’s parody on the other hand has already crossed half a million, and is now sitting at 519,000 views, despite the fact that Chrome is currently one of the most popular browsers available.

Sure there is the fact that Microsoft’s clip is a tad spicier, a bit more controversial. And for this reason it has easily found a larger audience than the original Google ad.

Nevertheless, Redmond seems to have found a pretty fun way of attacking its rivals.

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