Microsoft's Microtropolis Event open to anyone in New York

October 24, 2012

splash across 39 digital boards in Time Square, the biggest takeover of Time Square board real-estate in history. Microsoft plans to host a hands-on experience on the ground in Times Square and at the Microsoft Stores in the area. While this is great and certainly shows that Microsoft’s advertising dollars are hard at work, it doesn’t end there. Microsoft has taken to its blogs to invite anyone in New York to a special event they are calling Microtropolis. This is a totally open deal that doesn’t require an invitation. So what it is? Basically they are setting up a huge one-hundred and sixty foot version of NYC as an art installation that will be held at Hudson River Park’s Pier 57. The artistic re-envisioning of NYC is what Microsoft is calling Manhattan experienced through Windows. You will actually be able to walk through Microtropolis neighborhoods and avenues and see the skyscrapers towering above. The interactive display has also has various devices placed on rooftops within the city, which Microsoft says will be customized to the neighborhoods they are placed in. The event will be open on the following days:

  • Oct 27: 12pm-6pm
  • Nov 1: 10am-6pm
  • Nov 2: 10am-2pm
  • Nov 3: 10am-6pm
Outside of the Microtropolis art-event, there are also some other cools activities worth catching such as the Xbox Video event that will screen a few different movies such as Manhattan, Muppets Take Manhattan, King Kong (1933) and Ghostbusters. There are several other Microsoft events going on in New York around this time, some of them open while others are private or at least require you to set it up in advance. In order to learn more about what is all going on during these dates, check out Microsoft’s blog page with the rest of the details. One thing is clear, Microsoft is pulling out all the punches and working as hard as possible to build up as much excitement and momentum for the Surface and Windows 8 as they possibly can. Is it working? Are you pumped for Windows 8 and the Surface? [ source ]]]>

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