Microsoft's Monday mystery announcement: do we dare to dream?

mysterious event in Los Angeles this Monday. So far there haven’t been any leaks but the speculation is that they might actually launch a specific Microsoft line of Windows RT tablets similar to the way Google have the Nexus line of phones. First of all, hats off to Microsoft Marketing for the timing – good job. This is right after Apple released their super-duper line of Macbook Pros and curiosity is now at an all time high to see what Microsoft has to say. There was some speculation that Microsoft might release a line of mini tablets to compete with the Nook and Kindle Fire. I absolutely hope not. That would be a silly waste of time and a waste of marketing. It would also be a distraction at a time when the software company can least afford it. I have to admit, when I wrote my article saying that Microsoft should think outside the box regarding Windows RT , I totally didn’t consider the fact that they could build their own premium device. As long as the premium Microsoft Windows RT tablet satisfied my three crucial requirements for Windows RT:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Elegance
It would be a master stroke. Priced right (between $299 to $399), such a tablet would be a game changer and potentially provide a level of competition that Apple would have to take seriously. Of course, all this assumes that the major Windows 8 user interface and usability issues got worked out before the Windows 8 launch. Now, here’s the risky side of setting up this “announcement”. If the news that comes out on Monday is not as spectacular as a Windows RT tablet or something equally significant, it will reinforce the message that Microsoft has lost it’s way. It would send a subtle message that the company doesn’t really undertand the nature of true disruptive innovation anymore. If it’s some stupid Xbox announcement or music service announement, then (metaphorically) there will be blood. It’s a high risk move to set the stage this way – let’s hope it’s worth it. What do you think Microsoft will say this Monday?]]>

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