Microsoft’s New Strategy Is Similar To Google And Apple, Says Analyst

CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday pushed Microsoft into a massive new reorganization process, with the purpose of streamlining the company as it gears up to launch several new products.

And analysts have wasted no time in commenting on this restructuring.

Al Hilwa, an analyst for International Data Group talking to the Washington Post said that Ballmer is replicating the strategies of both Google and Apple, two of its biggest technology rivals.

According to Hilwa, both companies have made efforts to ensure that their internal divisions work closely on a number of projects, and Microsoft now wants to ensure something similar as it prepares to bring key new products to market in the next few years:

“The divisions realized they had to align more closely. Apple and Google are less divided.”

Microsoft is said to be embracing a similar strategy to ensure that streamlined development of products and services as it gets closer to the devices and services concept Ballmer has talked a lot about lately.

Redmond has increased its focus on hardware products and cloud-powered services, as the company tries to move away from being just a software solutions provider. For this reason, many analysts are of the view that such reorganization should actually have been implemented a little sooner.

But these are still early days for Microsoft when it comes to hardware devices and mobile platforms, and this internal restructuring is a downright must for it to compete with other technology titans.

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