Microsoft’s R&D Spending Is Top Three Among Global Companies

Both fans and critiques of Microsoft do admit one thing. Redmond spares no expense when it comes to research and development. The company continues to invest a fortune in R&D.

And according to a new report that fortune is large enough for the third largest research budget in the world. Impressive, impressive!

A report published at SiliconIndia shows that Toyota leads the charge with $9.9 billion invested in R&D, and is followed by both Samsung and Microsoft with a clean $9 billion.

Microsoft is still considered as one of the best companies to invest in, and the report concludes that innovation has been a tagline of Microsoft from the early period, and the company continues to maintain this.

These numbers become all the more impressive when you consider the types of industries the top three companies are in — automobile and electronics is one thing, but a computer software company investing such amounts to innovate is remarkable on all counts.

And if you are wondering, Google comes fifth in the list, while Amazon and Apple take up the seventh and eighth positions respectively.

For the sake of comparison, the fruity company spends only $2.4 on R&D according to the report above, a fair amount below what Microsoft invests for the same purpose.

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