Microsoft’s Window RT Strategy Still Excites Qualcomm

Windows RT, the version of Windows for ARM devices is one of the most divisive software products currently available. While Microsoft has reiterated its belief in the platform, several hardware companies have expressed their discontent.

The latest sales numbers do not paint too bright a picture either, and are heavily skewed in favor of devices running Windows 8 Pro.

But Qualcomm is one company that still thinks the Windows RT story is just beginning and the platform will find success in the near future. The ARM-based processor maker finds its hardware solutions currently in two devices — the Dell XPS 10 and the Samsung ATIV Tab.

Talking to Computerworld, Luis Pineda, the senior vice president of product management at Qualcomm shared his positive outlook of the future:

“We’re very excited about Microsoft’s strategy around Windows RT. We’re very optimistic with the future of Win RT and we see continued success.”

The executive further claims that he uses the Dell XPS 10 whenever he is traveling abroad, boasting that it provided him with a remarkable 20 hours of battery life. Additionally, Luis said that Qualcomm Snapdragon processors will feature in more Windows RT products from other hardware vendors soon.

He did not go into specifics, but with Windows RT 8.1 right around the corner, there is a fair chance that we will see a new generation of Windows RT based products in the months to come. In fact, Pineda is not overly concerned with the slow sales of the first generation devices:

“Whenever you launch a brand new ecosystem like Windows RT it would be nice to have a home run from day one. But there’s lots of excitement about what’s coming.”

Qualcomm is, the exclusive provider for Windows Phone smartphones, and even though Microsoft used a Tegra chip from NVIDIA for the Surface RT, it still enjoys a close partnership with Qualcomm — close enough for the processor maker to know what Redmond is planning for its tablet platform.

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