Microsoft’s Windows 8 Smartwatch To Feature A Transparent Aluminium Case

Rumors and speculation about a Microsoft smartwatch have been making rounds for a while now, even as other large technology companies are nearing the release of their own wearable gadgets. In fact, one or two small ones have already done so.

But while it was all early talk before, now it appears that this project has received a green light. In fact, several prototypes are said to have already been developed, and made their way to Redmond.

A report over at AmongTech claims that smartwatches equipped with 1.5-inch screens are currently being tested by several Microsoft employees and a 2014 release date is looking increasingly likely.

Sources report that wrist bands of these devices will be available in a number of colors — including red, blue, yellow, black, white and grey (no green, eh?) — and interestingly, will be completely removable, meaning they can be replaced on the go to match the outfit or mood of the wearer.

On the technical side of things, a Microsoft smartwatch is said to feature what is being called Oxynitride Aluminium. This is a new type of aluminium that offers around 80 percent transparency, but is still four times harder than glass.

That’s the way to do it, I say!

A fresh new version of Windows 8 is said to power this device, which will also offer cloud powered storage options — SkyDrive obviously. 4G LTE connectivity is to be provided to access files stored in the cloud, though a permanent connection to a smartphone is not required.

Nevertheless, the smartwatch will be compatible with Windows Phone smartphones, allowing easy access to push notifications and music playback options.

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