Microsofts Windows 8 Tablet option – make it a loss leader

probably definitely build on the strengths of Windows 7. With the tablet it’s not going to be that simple. No one who knows anything about technology can credibly believe that when the Windows 8 tablet is launched, it’s features will be able to go up pound for pound against an Ipad 3 or a more mature Android tablet. Not. Going. To. Happen. But, we have seen this scenario before – with the Xbox. No one (including me) dreamed that the Xbox would ever be this successful and it has, in strong part due to Microsoft’s secret P weapons – Price and Patience. Microsoft was able to take a loss on each Xbox while they grew that business line and they had the patience to see it through. The approach should be no different here. Apple are at maximum demand at their price points ($499 and up) but that leaves a tremendous opening for anyone who will offer a quality tablet at the $99 to $199 price point. If Microsoft are willing to be a little patient and see the Windows 8 tablets as loss leaders, at least in the beginning, we might be in for an interesting race… What do you think?  ]]>

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