Mobile Browsing Exceeds 10% of Total for the First Time – NetMarketShare

According to NetMarketShare – a popular IT research organization, browsing on mobile devices has exceeded 10% of all browsing for the first time. They note that it is likely an underestimate of mobile device browsing share, since their sample does not contain data on apps, like maps. This provides another data point that supports the view that more computing is taking place on mobile devices compared to the desktop arena. It also validates Microsoft’s long-term decision to bet new OSs beginning with Windows 8 on more mobile-centric user interfaces such as Metro going forward. On the smartphone front, Microsoft’s push comes using the Metro-styled Windows Phone 8, in partnership with Nokia and others. ¬†However, speculation exists about whether Microsoft will release it’s own smartphone, like it did the Surface tablet. The datset is shown below:


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