Moment 2 update on track to launch in 2023

October 19, 2022

Making every moment count! Microsoft is finally in fifth gear when it comes to releasing updates for its operating systems. Within the past month, we have had a whole three of them mark their arrival.

There’s the big Windows 11 2022 Update, likewise for Windows 10, and then the Moment 1 update.

But while the latter two releases are just less than 24 hours old, having taken flight yesterday, eyes are already on what the company plans for the future.

Well, if we go by the name, then a Moment 2 update seems to be on the card. And that’s exactly what we will get if we agree with what this fairy distant leak claims. References to what might be the second Moment release have been spotted.

These new tidbits of upcoming Insider builds come via very the reliable Microsoft watcher, Albacore, who also happens to be a pretty famous Windows leaker.

As things stand, build 22940 has surfaced in a PowerShell issue that was actually opened back in July of this year. And the build 229xx range, according to reports, belongs to the second Moment update.

The leakster adds that the first moment update also has its own set of Insider builds under the range of build 228xx, and the updates are getting back ported to the then recent Windows 11 Beta channel builds that had been happening under 22622.

Moment 2 update, as you can imagine, will only take share next year, with an estimated launch time frame sometimes in early 2023.

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