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New arrival. Microsoft has confirmed the availability of MongoDB Atlas on Azure, part of the company’s broader goal of providing users with more choices on its cloud.

A free tier called M0 is available on the platform that grants users 512MB of storage.

It is ideal for users that want to learn MongoDB, or prototype and get started with early development. The database can also integrate with other Azure analytics offerings like Power BI and Microsoft Azure Databricks.

The technology giant announced the arrival, revealing that customers will get access to the latest version of MongoDB on this free tier.

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Donald Petersen, senior partner development manager, Microsoft Azure:

“MongoDB Atlas cluster types, M0 clusters can grant users optimal security with end-to-end encryption, high availability, and fully managed upgrades. M0 clusters also enable faster development by allowing teams to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations against their data right from their browsers via the built-in Data Explorer.”

Typical deployment of Atlas is straightforward.

After signing up with MongoDB Atlas, you will need to select Azure as the cloud of choice and one of the regions, then build the first Atlas cluster.

Currently, Atlas is available on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform, with users getting access to free tiers on all three clouds with the same amount of storage. Users will have no lock into one cloud provider, however.

Microsoft offers the free tier of MongoDB Atlas in three Azure regions at launch, namely East US, East Asia and West Europe.

Find out more about MongoDB Atlas on the official website.

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