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The Windows 7 themes are out and the software is supposed to be out by the end of the year two thousand and ten. However, you need not wait that long to use this software nor are you meant to sue it only in the Windows 7 service pack. It is true that it is not supported by the Windows 2000 or the Windows Vista but hey, come on, there is more to Windows than those two services.

So what are we waiting for when these themes are available on the internet and that to for free? It is true; you can download almost all of the Windows 7 themes and you will not be charged a dime. I know you have done this before and it is high time you did it again. If you are a Windows XP user and you are used to taking these sorts of things for free then here is your chance. Grab these themes and enjoy on your own Windows XP.

But, there is something about which I want to tell you before you start downloading in a hurry. A basic difference has been created between the Windows 7 themes and the other themes but it is all the more sophisticated. However when you start suing it, it will feel quite similar to the old Windows that you are used to with. It is therefore quite user friendly and designed in such a way that if you have any Windows theme before then you can quickly acclimatize to the new Windows 7 theme. But where lies the difference?

Well, when we used the normal Windows we get a mini window if we double click on any icon or any tabs whatsoever. With the new Windows, there will be no mini Windows. The uppermost part of each window will be visible only. On selecting these, you will be able to view the whole window. However, instead of the old fashioned clock at the low bar or the side bar, the clock will be a part of the theme itself and will show perfect time. Also, the entire feel of the new theme is completely different, innovative and yo. So get the new Windows 7 themes as soon as possible.

But, one decision that you will have to make is, which themes you want. More than twenty themes of the same are available on the internet for free. However, I can give you some tips for free as to which theme you could choose or would like to choose. For example, the themes which are available are the Aluminium, the Conception and the Incredible which are the basic ones; all color and nothing else.

The Spaghetti Junction and the Snake are really interesting as is the Ether Reality and the Grass thing. The Artistic theme is also pretty cool and you will enjoy using it if you ever download it. However, my personal favourite Windows 7 theme is The Lookout. This Windows 7 theme is awesome and simply brilliant.

So, wish you guys luck, get your themes and enjoy!

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Windows 7 and Windows 7 Themes.

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