More ARM small print – Windows Server 8 will not run on ARM chips

 “The answer in the short term is no,” Laing said, when asked if Microsoft is contemplating an ARM-based Windows Server. The ARM processor has seen a revival in interest over the past few years, because they require less power to run than competitor Intel’s x86 chips. There are 2 major problems with porting ARM chips to run a Server OS.

  1. Server OS’s are typically written for 64 bit processors. Current ARM processors are limited to 32 bit.
  2. Having a lower power consuming processor doesn’t really solve too many problems in a server as other components (memory, motherboard etc) are more power intensive.
Now, Laing did not say that Microsoft would never consider developing an ARM-based version of Windows Server, but said the company has no immediate plans for doing so now. So.. never.. 🙂 Source]]>

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