More Control Panel options have been moved to Settings

August 2, 2022

Things are slowly starting to crystalize for the next major Windows 11 update that is now around the corner, first of its kind. Development seems to have progressed, and bugs are being ironed out.

And we slowly get to find out about the little details of what Windows 11 22H2 brings.

Well, one nice detail that has made its way out has got to do with how Microsoft has moved even more options from the Control Panel to the Settings app. The classic panel still exists in this version, of course, far from being removed.

But the Redmond based company has been busy making it obsolete with each new release of the operating system by moving its pages to Settings.

It appears that the next Windows 11 update — possibly a cumulative or a minor feature update — will redirect even more of these options from the Control Panel to the Settings app. The company seems to have taken another small step towards this migration.

Control Panel

According to sources, Microsoft plans to move everything from Control Panel to their new home in the Settings app at some point in the future. But this is part of the company’s long-term plan.

The Settings app now uses WinUI, and that makes it proper ready for a more modern future that involves a lot of design changes.

And in the latest update, it is now possible to remove even more apps that are installed on the device.

At the moment, some apps can only be removed via the Control Panel as Settings is not able to recognize certain Windows programs and desktop Win32 software. Example being Steam as well as gaming apps that run on Steam or tools that repair and modify these types of programs.

But that finally changes, and it is now finally possible to remove applications that have interdependencies.

This may be another small step towards this final migration, but it shows that Microsoft is finally getting close to the stage where users will not have the need for Control Panel for most of the tasks.

We are far off, still, but getting there!

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