More Details About The Surface 2 Kickstand Emerge

Further proving the notion that when it rains it pours, we now have even more Surface 2 rumors! More specifically, we have details regarding the enhanced kickstand of the upcoming tablet.

We first learned about some of the improvements that Microsoft is working on for its second generation tablet yesterday. These comprise of a number of important changes, from incremental hardware upgrades to modifications that improve the user experience.

Microsoft is throwing in a Haswell Intel Core i5 chip, which should provide up to 7 hours of battery, along with an 8GB of RAM. The overall look of the upcoming tablet, however, should be quite similar to the existing model.

What it is expected to adopt, though, is a new kickstand that is supposed to enhance productivity of the upcoming second generation Surface Pro.

Now Paul Thurrott pretty much confirms these new details, while adding that the integrated kickstand will offer two different positions. One of which is, obviously, what both the currently available Surface RT ad Surface Pro already offer.

And the new one will allow the tablet to be used in portrait mode.

Pricing, once again, is expected to stay the same for the device, meaning you can expect things to start at $899 for the entry level model, and go up from there based on configuration.

But some of these changes are pretty powerful, particularly the battery life and performance improvements, and could potentially make the second generation Surface Pro one of the best devices available in the market once it releases.

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