More Surface Pro 4 Updates Arrive Without Release Notes

Releases notes, that is to say. The software titan continues with its policy of releasing updates for its products, like the Surface Pro 4 in this case, without any accompanying documentation.

To the frustration of many.

As a matter of pure fact, it was only last month that the company pushed an update for the tablet, without a mention or release notes, and it broke the Windows Hello feature on these devices.

And the trend has continued this month again.

According to this report, the software titan unleashed a set of new updates over the weekend for its newest tablet, and it did so without publishing any release notes for them. Owners of the devices only had this set of driver names to go by, and nothing else.

At the time of this writing, the Microsoft Surface Update History page still does not contain a hint of these drivers, and the company’s own documentation only lists its most recent update on July 13, more than a month back.

All this, when the company just recently suffered the ignominy of the Surface devices losing their recommended status from Consumer Reports. The technology giant was quick to dispute these findings, and instead emphasized its commitment to the Surface line.

But a little consistency in providing clear and detailed information about the updates, and what they contain, goes a long way in letting Surface customers know what they are in for.

Let’s just hope this strategy changes — it’s just not good enough.

If you can create update, you sure can write the notes!

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