More Than 190,000 Metro Apps Now Available

A new record! A big milestone within reach! Great news all around! The number of Metro apps continues to grow at a brisk pace, and we are miles ahead of the 5,000 count.

This was, of course, the number of applications in the Windows Store that were available to users at the time Windows 8 launched. But that was October 2012, and this is January 2015 — and what a difference a couple of years make.

Sure, things have evolved at a slow pace.

And many of these are games that are ported over, along with a bunch of universal apps that are compiled to run on both tablets and smartphones. But they certain have their uses, and users seem to enjoy many of these new additions to Microsoft’s apps repository.

It’s not all milk and honey, but with 190,000 unique applications now within reach, the modern platform is well on its way. And besides, we have seen several high profile releases here too.

Android and iOS may still have the numbers, but Redmond continues to convince developers to bring their solutions to the Windows Store.

With Windows 10 on the horizon, and the amount of hardware devices that keep on hitting the store shelves, the future is nothing if not bright. It may take another couple of years.

But Windows Store will get there.

It will get there alright.

For now we celebrate, with sheer anticipation of the glittering 200,000 apps milestone.

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