More Than 90,000 Windows Apps Now Available, Ahead Of Blue Preview

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the preview version of Windows Blue next week at the BUILD developer conference, and factor that will almost certainly be touched upon is Windows Store and the apps it houses.

Speaking of which, the apps repository seems to be well on its way to greatness.

The software titan bets big on the Windows Store. And to its delight the app count continues to reach new milestones. As of right now, well over 90,000 Metro apps are available to download from the Windows Store, across all markets, that is.

According to MetroStore Scanner, a major percentage of these apps are made available with a freeware license. Obviously, this 90,000 number is for the global version of the Store, meaning you will see a smaller number of apps in your local store, depending on your location.

But nevertheless, the Windows Store is on the cusp of it first major milestone 100,000 apps.

Judging by the way things are growing, the app repository should reach this vital landmark figure by the end of the month, if not by the time the BUILD developer conference gets underway on June 26.

And it stands to reason that more apps will be published once the preview version of Windows Blue goes live, as developers will want to offer solutions targeting the enhancements and features this new version of Windows brings about.

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