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A leaked Microsoft presentation for hardware makers on Windows 8 reveals some insight into how the company is thinking about its next operating system upgrade.

The leak comes from the Microsoft Journal, an enthusiast blog written by Francisco Martín García, who lists himself as a Microsoft VIP Tester.

Here’s a few key points from the presentation:

  • Facial recognition technology that allows users to log in just by positioning their face in front of their PC’s webcam. “My PC could detect my presence and log me in automatically,” Microsoft’s explanation reads. As Gizmodo notes, Windows 8 could offer a range of “Kinect-like” features: “When you get up and leave, it can go to sleep automatically as well. Additionally, if someone else shows up, it can quickly switch between user accounts based on who it sees in front of the computer.”
  • Streamlining the ability to switch between user accounts. The leaked document notes that among the things “we are considering for Windows 8” is “making it fast and easy to switch between user accounts.” Microsoft says it aims to evolve the Windows identity “from machine centric to user centric.”
  • A fast startup time for Windows 8: “Windows 8 PC’s turn on fast, nearly instantly in some cases, and are ready to work without any long or unexpected delays,” the document says.
  • According to the leaked documents, one of the features under consideration for Windows 8 is connecting users’ accounts to the cloud. This feature would allow the computer to “log on to websites on the user’s behalf” and make it possible for a users’ settings and preferences to be consistent across multiple devices.
  • Compatibility with 3D platforms, wireless TV sets, and slates. “Developers can build modern experiences around display devices by leveraging Windows 8 support for premium media experiences such as stereoscopic 3D and Wireless TVs,” Microsoft notes. The leaked presentation also specifically mentions slates as a “target form factor.”

More interesting are the comments made about Apple in this slide

Included in these presentations is a rather telling (but obvious) slide which shows that Microsoft is clearly paying attention to Apple while planning Windows 8. Titled, “How Apple does it: A virtuous cycle,” Microsoft has broken down Apple’s UX/Brand Loyalty cycle and cited its value. Though it’s fairly obvious, the takeaway here is that Microsoft is aiming to give Windows the very same “it just works” status that Apple’s products are known for:

This will be a fun ride…


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