Mozilla Not Too Happy With Edge Chrome Switch

Eh, you win some you lose some! Right, right? Not everyone is enthralled by Microsoft switching to Chromium for its Edge browser, and Mozilla is one of the organizations that is in this camp.

The move certainly came out of the blue and took people by surprise, I’ll give you that.

Particularly, keeping in view the fact that Microsoft put a lot of effort in getting EdgeHTML right, the rendering engine that currently powers Edge. Over the last couple of years, the company rolled out several technology and speed improvements for EdgeHTML.

Anyway, while Google is certainly happy with Microsoft surrendering and embracing its Chromium engine, Mozilla is not.

The company believes that this decision will give Google a major advantage in the browser market. For this reason, it plans to continue to invest in its own browser, Firefox, to ensure that consumers continue to have a powerful alternative to Chrome available.

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This is what a Mozilla spokesperson said:

“This just increases the importance of Mozilla’s role as the only independent choice. We are not going to concede that Google’s implementation of the web is the only option consumers should have. That’s why we built Firefox in the first place and why we will always fight for a truly open web.”

More power to you guys!

Of course, this decision to go with Chromium for Edge also opens up another can of worms.

While Microsoft has confirmed that it will continue to provide backward compatibility with IE only sites for enterprise users, complete details are missing for now.

Even on the consumer side of things.

For example, how Redmond will handle features that are exclusive and specific to Edge. Netflix streaming being one such ability. Only Edge gets you a 4K stream on Windows — everything else is limited to 720p, save for Internet Explorer that goes up to 1080p.

But answers are coming, and soon.

As for Mozilla, it probably will remain the lone holdout for an independent solution, as Opera and Vivaldi have also hopped onto the Chromium engine that powers Google Chrome.

One can do nothing but respect that.

Nothing but respect.

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