MSDN Magazine Officially Retired

MSDN Magazine

End of an era. Microsoft has official retired the MSDN Magazine, announcing that this iconic publication will sail into the sunset later this year, more than three decades after the first issue saw daylight.

30 years!

The MSDN Magazine originally debuted as two different magazines, called Microsoft Systems Journal and Microsoft Internet Developer. These were merged into the current name in 2000, and has since become a mainstay of the ecosystem.

This is what the company had to say on this:

“We sincerely appreciate your faithful, passionate readership and thank you for supporting Microsoft’s platform evolution over the years. A big “Thank You” also goes to the hundreds of authors who have contributed original content to MSDN Magazine. And thank you for supporting Microsoft’s platform evolution over the years.”

Thank you, indeed.

Although the Redmond based technology giant has not provided too many details regarding the reasons it has opted to retire the MSDN Magazine, Microsoft does hint that it has undertaken this decision because its services has substantially expanded lately.

That is to say, all the content that developers need is now available online in one convenient place, and the software titan recommends everyone to check this resource out for information.

It truly is a large collection of documents.

The company does say that all customers with active subscriptions will receive a refund based on their time remaining. These will be sent after the November issue, and Microsoft recommends subscribers to get in touch with the company using the contact details on this page.

On the other hand, if you want to browse the existing MSDN Magazine issues and download them on your device for safe keeping, point your browser here. No idea how long this handy and helpful collection of magazines remains online, but until the end of the year is as good a guess as any.

Been a good run, this.

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