MSI Slider S20 Announced, Will Cost $1,199.99

We’ve seen quite a few hybrid tablets since the arrival of Windows 8, and that includes the slider category. The idea of these devices make a lot of sense because they work like true tablets (albeit a little on the thick side) and yet can transform into laptops with ease.

With other designs, like convertibles, you have to hook up a dock– and that means extra equipment to drag with you when you want to do a conversion.

Now MSI is preparing a new, very powerful slider called the Slider S20 Ultrabook. The device is both a tablet and an ultrabook. Unlike many other sliders, that means you don’t get a wimpy Atom processor, instead you have the full power of Windows 8 and an Intel Core i5 processor.

This portable powerhouse also has an 128GB SSD, 10-point touchscreen, 8GB of RAM and fits in a package that is under 1-inch in thickness. You also get USB 3.0, Bluetooth, mini-HDMI, 720P HD webcam and more.

As you can imagine, all this power comes at a cost. For those that think tablets need to cost less than half a grand— turn away now, this isn’t for you.

At $1,199.99, this is no budget device. Still, MSI is a solid brand and for those that want a truly portable experience without carrying a lot of extras, you won’t find much better. For those wondering, there isn’t an official ship date just yet, but we do know the slider is coming in the 1st quarter of this year and we will likely get more specific information at CES 2013.

Yes, you can most likely get a similarly spec’d Intel Core i5 laptop and 7 to 10-inch Android tablet for less than this combined price, but the convenience is worth it for some individuals, especially those who travel a lot and have a real business need for such a high-performance hybrid.

What do you think of the MSI Slider S20 Ultrabook, interested or not?

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