MSN for Windows 8 is live now

this month Microsoft revealed that it would have a special MSN page up and running exclusively for Windows 8 devices. The good news is that the page is actually up sooner than they said it would be. The page is live but remember it only works with Windows 8, or rather it requires Internet Explorer 10 which is only out for Windows 8 at the moment. The page is all about presenting content in a way that is comprehensive and fast, working with the look and feel that Microsoft wants us to experience in Windows 8. If you happen to already be running some form of Windows 8, you can access the page now. So why not bring the same changes to IE9? Apparently it has to do with the way that IE10 can take advantage of Windows 8 for complex rendering and high resolution images in a more fluid way- or so they say. The reality is probably a bit less complex: Microsoft will likely push lots of ‘exclusive’ Windows 8 content to help set the OS apart from its older offerings. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, I just have my doubts that it is merely because IE9 and Windows 7 can’t bring this same MSN experience. Putting that aside, I really like the new look that I get when accessing from Windows 7. What about you, like the cleaner new look or not? [ source ]]]>

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