MSNerd rumor: Next version of Xbox will have Windows 9 core.

I dont buy this one at all but I post it here just for entertainment value (hey it’s Sunday and there’s nothing else going on). The (somewhat reliable in the past) mystery blogger MSNerd posted the following on his/her blog a couple of weeks ago.

The Xbox is another story altogether. With a heady mix of rumors, tips and speculation, I am now stating that Xbox codename “loop” (the erstwhile XboxTV) will indeed debut a modified Win9 core. It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform—a “main” processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. It will be custom designed by Microsoft and two partners based on the ARM architecture. It will be cheaper than the 360, further enabling Kinect adoption. And it will be far smaller than the 360. It will also demonstrate how Windows Phone could possible implement Win9’s dev platform on the lower end.
So much wrong with this it’s not even funny. Timeline for Windows 9 -really? News to me. New version of xbox in 4 to 5 years? Seems like a long time to me. Microsoft and two partners are working on Windows 9 – really? I could have sworn that partners are working on Windows 8. The whole thing is so ridiculous that I wont even post a link to it. Welcome to the web…]]>

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