Multiple Instance Support For UWP Apps Coming Soon

Like spending your time with UWP apps on Windows 10? Then you’ll be pleased to know that some good news is headed your way, as Microsoft is ready to enable multiple instance support.

Universal Windows Platform, in case you’re unware, are the applications that are available for download on the Microsoft Store. They are different from the traditional desktop software, those classic programs, that the world has been using for the past few decades.

Basically, according to the company, starting with Windows 10 version 1803, developers will have the option of opting in to multi instance support for these applications.

This is, of course, the upcoming Spring Creators Update of the operating system.

Or, Redstone 4, as it is codenamed.

Previous version of the OS only allowed users to run one instance of a UWP app at one time. However, an app with this capability will be able to run a new process if an activation request comes through.

Redmond explains:

“For example, if the app opens files, you may want to prevent multiple instances from working on the same file. If the app is launched for a file that is already open, you may want to redirect the activation to the instance that is already editing the file.”

The software titan has also detailed things with several code samples and templates that explain how developers can add this capability to their UWP applications.

In fact, as the company explains in its latest Windows Community Standup episode, some apps will only need minimal changes in the code to enable support. Other, more complex ones, will require relatively larger modifications.

Worth a mention that there are some limitations to this.

Background audio applications do not support multi instancing, and the feature is only supported in desktop and Internet of Things project. The IoT bit is interesting, but still, this is a feature that users have been asking for quite a while.

And it’s finally coming!

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