My Fantasy – A new consumer cloud Operating System from Apple and Dell – Part 1

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not really the kind to back down from taking a risk so here I go…

Over the next few posts, I will outline a potential scenario that I believe could redefine the entire PC paradigm if executed properly.

I will show in painstaking detail what all the components of this scenario are and what would need to happen to make this possible.

Simply put, my contention is the following:

Apple and Dell are the only two companies today who have the potential to remake the entire concept of consumer operating systems and the entire PC industry.

Before I get flamed, let me say the following: No I am not on crack and I have no relationship with either company.

I simply believe that a move to the cloud is the next exciting paradigm shift and for reasons I will go into in the next series of posts, it’s very clear that these two companies each bring unique and complimentary attributes to the table.

The next few posts will focus on the following:

  1. Components of the new Cloud OS
  2. Cloud Infrastructure
  3. The new Operating System
  4. PC Form Factor
  5. Cloud Applications
  6. Hardware Support
  7. User Experience
  8. Microsoft?

Stay tuned…

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