My Microsoft Surface Pre-Review

I just picked up. Umm first of all, people who read this blog know that I have been very skeptical and critical of Microsoft about the execution of a lot of things. For this, I say WOW. I am very impressed with the look of the device, the feel of the device and so far, the performance. I got the Type Cover and not the Touch Cover and I’m glad I did. It’s a very terrific keyboard. The screen quality is fantastic and it feels very good to hold and touch. Unlike my friend Tim Cook, I think this car may fly and float and so far, it seems to do both very well. I have been using it as a tablet and then snapping the keyboard on and putting it on my knees. It works great there too. It looks like just the perfect size device to do lots of work on a flight from one location to another. It will definitely give the iPad a run for it’s money FOR SURE. To all the OEM’s who may read this, be afraid. This device seems so well made that Microsoft have ZERO reason not to start making phones, laptops, desktops and servers. To anyone on the fence about getting this device, if you can afford to, head out and pick one up. I can already tell that my MacBook Pro will be history as soon as I can find a photo editing app for this thing. Stay tuned for more this weekend. One more thing, I absolutely DID not expect to like this device as much as I do. It has just the right look and feel for a multi-purpose device. Not light enough to be flimsy and not heavy enough to be a burden. Microsoft may have a winner on their hands. More this weekend. UPDATE – Full Review here]]>

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