My take on the Windows 8 application store

article written by Rishu Srivastava about the Windows Store and I wanted to write a rebuttal article on it. The store in Windows 8 isn’t perfect, I’ll agree with that. There are things Microsoft did in the Windows Phone 7 store that I really like and I think would work better than what they did in the Windows 8 store, but with some tweaks to the Windows 8 store it can be very functional. First of all Rishu comments on horizontal scrolling saying “I don’t believe this is what the average user wants”. I would agree and in certain circumstances yes the horizontal scrolling is a little more difficult than vertical scrolling would be, for instance when using a single finger tracking touchpad (its easier to hold the left trackpad button and scroll up and down single-handed than it is horizontally). Other than that with newer mice and multi-touchpads I believe horizontal scrolling is very simple. With a mouse you just use the mouse wheel to scroll and it works really well, its not difficult at all and with a multi-touchpad you can scroll just like you would using a touchscreen. The one thing I would have liked to see in more apps especially the market place would be how scrolling is done on the Metro home screen where you push scroll by just moving the mouse to either side of the screen. Next Rishu comments about the cluttered Windows store home page, and scrolling to view all the categories may be a little bit of a headache. I agree with this but there is a simple fix that Microsoft can implement. At the top of the screen they can the app categories (games, news, travel…etc) so the user can click (or tap on a touchscreen) on the one you’re looking for and it will take you right there (for instance click or tap on games and it will take you to the games category). Then like with Windows Phone it should have sub categories (like new, free, top and featured). I think by doing this it will make it easier for people to navigate the store. Lastly Rishu comments that there aren’t any desktop apps in the store. I’m ok with them having links and not desktop programs for download in the store. The store is for Metro apps and the fact that they’re even listing desktop programs in the store is going above and beyond what the store is for. People for years have used sites like and other sites to get their desktop programs so why should Microsoft use their servers to list these same programs instead of just linking to a site. I don’t see a problem with this. I have a feeling there will be some changes to the store before Windows 8 goes gold. We’ll have to see.]]>

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