Mystery Surface Device Coming Next Month?

Any bets? It appears that Microsoft still has a few surprises left for the year, as the company is said to be ready to unveil a new Surface device at an event next month.

Word is that the Panos Panay, the corporate vice president for Surface at Microsoft will attend the company’s Future Decoded event in London on October 31, where he is expected to announced at least one new device part of the Surface lineup.

Chances are, it’s the successor to the Surface Book.

At least, that is the most likely candidate, according to the chatter near the watercooler.

Details are, very obviously, missing right now, but there have been rumors on this front before. In fact, you may even recall this Intel video where the chip maker, accidentally or otherwise, showed off a black model of what looked like the Surface Book 2.

A confirmation was not provided back then, but considering the fact that Microsoft was supposed to unveil the second-generation model of the Surface Book in October 2016, now seems to be the perfect time.

It is believed that the reason Redmond did not launch the Surface Book 2 earlier was because certain features were not ready. That is why the Microsoft held back the launch a whole year.

As for what else the company could launch at this London event, an LTE SKU of the Surface Pro could also be unveiled, as the software titan had already hinted at this. Perhaps, even a hardware upgrade for the Surface Hub.

It all depends on whether Microsoft has more than a single device to launch next month.

And if we’re talking about chances, the company may even discuss the future of those upcoming ARM powered Windows 10 devices. It did not give them the spotlight at its IFA 2017 keynote, but perhaps Microsoft will join the ARM party with a Surface model.

Wishful thinking, but stranger things have happened.

We’ll find out the whole deal come October 31.

Any thoughts?

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