Nearly 30% Still Choose Windows 7 Over Windows 8

Huffington Post, 27.4% still chose Windows 7 over Windows 8, despite Microsoft’s elaborate efforts to market the new operating system. Which makes it pretty much in line with the general consensus in technology circles. 38.6% of those surveyed revealed that they were very likely or quite likely to upgrade to Windows 8, while another 27.4% said they were quite or very unlikely not to make the jump. The survey was conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys, who asked the question to 2,000 people. The jury is still out on how much of this is because of a lack of the need to upgrade, and how much is down to the new interface. Windows 7 is, after all, a perfectly fine operating system, one that still has years of mileage left in it. Microsoft is still quite on the official sales figure – save for the 4 million copies shipped report. But the company expects the recovery of the PC market next year, which it believes will also help towards increasing the sale of Windows 8. Worryingly, almost half (48.8% to be exact) the respondents claimed that they do not plan to buy a new PC in the next twelve months. Numbers aside, there surely is a shrug of shoulders towards the latest OS from consumers, and this survey is just more poof that Microsoft faces an uphill struggle when it comes to convincing computer users to either switch, or upgrade to Windows 8.]]>

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