Neowin review the Microsoft Surface Pro

Neowin reviewed the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Here’s what they had to say:

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Surface Pro, far from it. It has incredible build quality, the screen is gorgeous, stylus input is fantastic, and it runs Windows 8 with ease – and for the right market, it will be the perfect device.

While it may not be the perfect machine for all consumers, for those who are willing to work with the Pro and understand its limitations, it will be a great machine that will serve its purpose well. But, unfortunately, the target market is not well defined for the Pro and even though the device is big on ambition, it comes up short on practicality.

It’s clear that Microsoft has the vision the turn the Surface into the ideal device that will truly replace your tablet and your laptop. While the first iteration of the Surface Pro may not appease all users, Microsoft has the vision it needs and is headed down the right road.

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