New Ad Shows Real Madrid Stars Using Windows Phone

No big secret that Microsoft has a close collaboration going with a popular football (soccer) club around. Real Madrid and Redmond have signed a bunch of deals these past couple of years.

A new ad that has just rolled out has everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Gareth Bale to manager Carlo Ancelotti showing the excitement for Microsoft’s platform, and using various Windows Phone models to send texts, among other things.

Lumia 830, billed as the affordable flagship, features prominently in this new advertisement, which is actually meant as a promotion for the city of Madrid — highlighting the main tourist attractions.

Many of the club’s top players make an appearance in this clip.

Give it a watch below:

Smart bit of marketing, this.

Microsoft and Real Madrid signed their latest partnership in late 2014, which resulted in the Spanish club receiving and using Redmond branded tablets and smartphones, including, of course, many of the latest Lumia models.

Considering the fact that Windows Phone still only has a small market share, marketing drives like this are really helpful to keep the platform in the public eyes.

Videos like this ultimately help with global reach

Having said that, even though a lot of work still remains, Windows Phone has gained a lot of ground in Europe in the past year, and no denying that marketing has played a role in helping achieve this.

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