New Bug In Windows 10 Affects Detection of Devices Connected to Thunderbolt Port

Windows 10 Thunderbolt


Microsoft confirms the bug affects pretty much every Windows 10 version.

It is, however, a bug specific to systems with Fast Startup enabled. According to Microsoft, the problem happens just 5% of the time and the fix is simple – restart your computer.

The Redmond company also told us what triggers the big, disconnecting all external devices connected via the thunderbolt port, even if they are shown in Device Manager:

  • If your computer is running Windows 10 – versions 1909, 1903, 1809, 1803, 1709 – and Fast Startup is enabled
  • Where you have multiple devices attached to your Thunderbolt Dock – keyboards, mouse, USB devices, etc.

It can also happen when you do these steps over and over again:

  • Connect the Dock to your computer – ever device on the dock is enumerated
  • You put your system into an S5 (Soft Off) power state by pressing the power button and then, when the screen has gone off, removing the dock
  • Waiting for the S5 process to complete and then plugging the Thunderbolt Dock in and waiting five seconds for it to become idle
  • You turn your computer on and check if the USB encryption key, keyboard and mouse are functional

As Microsoft said, the bug will only happen 5% of the time and you can reboot your computer to clear it. What won’t fix it is reconnecting the Thunderbolt Dock.

To be fair, the Thunderbolt really isn’t all that popular on the Windows 10 devices; Microsoft hasn’t included it on their Surface lineup. That means its probably pretty safe to assume it won’t affect too many people.

We’re waiting for Microsoft to announce a patch and push through an update any time now.

Has it affected you?

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