New Category ‘To Keep Kids Entertained’ Added To Windows Store

If there is one thing that is sure as night and day, it’s Microsoft adding in new categories to the Windows Store. It recently added a new one at the start of the year, and here comes one more.

A new category made an appearance smack in the middle of January, titled “Get ready for 2013”.

This time however, children are the focus, in a temporary new section that showcases “Apps for Kids”. And as the name gives away, this new category is filled with software perfect for parents to download for the children, including games, drawing software and education tools.

As the section description reads:

“Need help keeping the kids busy while they’re stuck indoors? There won’t be any time for boredom once they get their hands on these apps.”

No time for boredom? I can live with that.

Only a few free apps make the cut in this new category though, most are paid ones. But there is no denying this is a quality selection.

And as we already covered a while back, the Windows Store is providing access to a number of apps free of cost for a limited time only. You can download apps like The ESPN App, Expedia, The New York Times and Zinio for free up until January 31, so make sure you do if you have not already.

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