New – Claim Based Access control in Windows 8

Claim-based access control

With Windows Server 8, businesses can maintain dynamic, organization-based application policies for files, folders, and shared resources. Claim-based access control enables you to set up and manage usage policies for specific data. It helps protect sensitive data, and it can ensure that those who are accessing the data and the systems they are using are trusted. With claim-based access control, sensitive data is only available to those who should have access to that data. For example, individuals in the finance group can have access to specific budget and forecast data, and the human resources group can have access to personnel files. Claim-based access control is based on configuratble criteria, such as user roles, departments, country, the sensitivity of the data being accessed, and the health of the device that is used to access that data. I am EXTREMELY curious to see how this new feature will work. Exactly how granular is this going to be? It starts to get complicated when you have the Server OS enforcing security policies at those levels across an¬†organization. You inevitably have authoritative role issues when a CRM and an HR system and a Finance system and Windows Server 8 all have slightly different authorization levels for an employee. This is going to be cool to learn more about…]]>

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