New Claim Suggests Microsoft Surface RT may achieve only 60% of forecasted sales

wasn’t talking about sales— instead Ballmer was stating that Microsoft was taking a modest approach by offering the Surface RT only in its stores and online in order to test the waters before bringing it to more countries and retail outlets. Still, how well is the Microsoft Surface RT doing? Here are the signs that it is doing rather well so far:

  • Early analyst reports suggesting rather heavy lines at most Microsoft Stores and locations across the United States.
  • Microsoft had sold out pre-orders very early on.
  • Microsoft’s own comments have been mostly positive.
Any evidence that the tablet isn’t doing as hot as Microsoft hoped it would? Possibly. While there have been audio and touch cover issues, that doesn’t mean the Surface RT isn’t selling quickly– the iPad had problems out the door in almost every version so far but that hasn’t stopped it. So where’s the evidence? A new source supposedly associated with component suppliers says that Microsoft might only see about 60% of the sales they had projected, if things continue at the rate they currently are going. Again, this is just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. The source claims the Surface RT isn’t priced well enough and doesn’t offer high enough performance gains when compared against competition. I think the second point is crap, but I somewhat agree with pricing. If Microsoft had sold this thing for even $50 less and packed in the touch cover? I have a feeling it would be selling like wildfire. So what if Microsoft only accomplishes 60% of the sales they were aiming for? Then what? Honestly, this is a new product and Microsoft is still learning how to best market it. I’m personally confident that there is very real place on the market for the Microsoft Surface RT. Continued strong advertisements and the addition of strong new apps in the Windows Store will win consumers over in time. If Microsoft wants results quicker? It isn’t impossible to think that Microsoft might consider a price cut 6-12 months down the road. Things are just beginning with the Surface RT and with Windows 8/RT. It might be a bumpy ride at first, but the best of Windows 8/RT have yet to come. What do you think of Microsoft Surface RT so far? Are you impressed by it or not? [ source ]]]>

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