New Edge Browser Is Being Pushed To Windows 7, 8.1

Cue a stratospheric rise in the user base! In what looks like a change of heart, Microsoft has started to push the new Edge web browser to those rocking Windows 7 and 8.1.

This, despite saying that these users will have to install the browser manually if they wanted it.

The company made this rollout strategy clear when it announced the general availability of the new Chromium-based Edge. But as it turns out, Microsoft is pushing it out over via Windows Update anyway, according to this KB article published this week.

For the better, one my say.

As this new Edge is already one of the finest web browsers available on the market right now, and continues to get better with each new update.

Anyway, getting back to the rollout, there are a few key things you need to be aware of when you install this. First is that this update will install automatically and the browser will be installed in the background on its own.

The deployment is going to add Edge to your taskbar and as a desktop shortcut. But it’s not going to change your default web browser. Also, it will not replace Internet Explorer like it replaced Edge Legacy on Windows 10.

Rather interesting developments, these, for Windows 7 users, though.

The OS has not been supported since January, and only those users that are paying for Extended Security Updates are supposed to get updates for the platform. However, it seems that Microsoft is willing to pick up users for Edge wherever it can.

Totally not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, I suppose.

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