New FreshPaint demo confirms the existence of Windows Blue

We can’t say 100% for sure what all Windows Blue is bringing to the table, but we can say without hesitation that it is a real product. What evidence do we have? From the tons of leaks, rumors and even job listings, we get a pretty good idea that Blue is the real deal, but now a new Microsoft Research video confirms it.

The video is a live demo and question session of sorts from an internal meeting held at Microsoft earlier this month. The demo is for Fresh Paint. While Fresh Paint isn’t anything new, it is referred to by one Microsoft employee as the version for “Windows next” and by the artist demonstrating it, it is called FreshPaint for “Blue”.

While it is great to finally get some ‘real’ confirmation, the video doesn’t shed light on any new details about the OS though. Instead the demo shows off the new watercolor feature that will be coming to the Blue version of FreshPaint.

The evidence of Blue is continuing to grow, though it is in many ways as mysterious as ever before. There are many different ideas of how Windows Blue will affect the Windows ecosystem, from it being merely a free Service Pack+, to being a whole new successor that will be sold separately, to even the idea that it is a new SKU that is designed for small screens – though this last idea seems very unlikely, especially since the test demo for Windows Blue was on a very large-screen monitor.

Bottom-line, Windows Blue is real and will likely change the way Windows works going forward, we just can’t fully say how. If I were a betting man, I would say the most important changes will be about bringing in ways to make Windows 8 feel easier to use, and reducing some of the learning curve complaints that new converts to Windows 8 continue to take issue with.

What do you think Windows Blue will bring to the table? Are you excited for it or not? Share your thoughts below.

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