New Huawei OS Said To Be Insanely Fast

Huawei Operating System

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Huawei is working round the clock to develop its new universal OS that will replace both the Android and Windows platforms for the company.

What with it landing itself in a tangle with the US government recently.

One where it lost access to American technologies, including processors from AMD and Intel, and software from Google and Microsoft.

Anyway, that’s just how things work these days.

We have not heard much on the matter, but what little details have surface show that the development of this replacement operating system is coming along nicely. More than that, all these efforts are also being supported by large technology firms in China.

According to this new report, companies like Tencent, OPPO and VIVO sent employees to Huawei to test the new operating system, which is known internally as HongMeng, but may launch as Ark OS.

And one takeaway from all this is that this universal operating system comes with substantial speed increases, at least compared to existing version of Android. There are claims that it is at least 60% faster than Android, though Windows numbers are not yet available.

Remains to be seen just how much of an impact this new operating system can make on the market, and whether it will result in a change how Android and Windows devices are produced and sold.

At the very least, we have a new contender, a new challenger.

And that is always a tad scary.

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