New Infographic Shows The Affordability Of Windows Phone

tweeted, and it clearly compares the Lumia 635 (and other gadgets and gizmos) with an Apple iPhone that is priced at $700 off contract. Microsoft products, as you can imagine cost only a fraction of the price. Infographic Lumia 635 The total cost of all this actually comes in at $294.98, not $269.99 as noted in the infographic, but the point remains that you can get all these Microsoft products for less than half the price of an iPhone. That’s not to say, the iPhone is not a better value. For users that have already invested in a particular ecosystem, it’s not as easy to change allegiance. Besides, the included Lumia 635 is not a like for like comparison, considering that this is a very clearly a budget handset. But this infographic will surely help sway some users, particularly those that are upgrading from a feature phone. Or those looking for some capable, yet affordable, options.]]>

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