New Light Theme The Star In Windows 10 Build 18282

Let there be light! Or, well, you know, a blinding light theme in Windows 10. Microsoft has listened to the public demand in Windows 10 build 18282 by baking in a true light theme in the OS.

Complete with a shiny new wallpaper to go with it!

Today is Wednesday, and that brought us another Windows 10 19H1 preview build in the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program. But this one is really special in how it adds a bunch of new features into the mix.

As the company notes, prime among them is the new light theme. A new window snip option for Snip & Sketch as well improvements to the printing experience are also part of the package.

First, this sick new look.

Build 18282 Light Theme

Thus far, selecting the light theme in the operating system still left elements like the Start Menu, the Taskbar and the Action Center black. But that changes with this build — there is now true separation on offer and well, it looks rather nice.

This new paint of color is not for everyone, but if you’re into light pleasing stuff, this is spot on.

Build 18282 Colors

It’s not enabled by default, obviously.

Build 18282 Window Snip

Snip & Sketch just got some modern new options as well, including windows snip that can capture an entire window. This experience is not available for everyone though, only half the Insiders have access to it as Microsoft tests it out in this initial phase.

Build 18282 Print Options

Printing also got modernized in this build, with support for the abovementioned light theme as well as updates to the printing options and icons that make it easy to quickly identify elements.

Build 18282 Pause Updates

Build 18282 Active Hours

Windows Update also got access to two new features, where the pause button is out there in the front now and intelligent active hours that let Windows know when to avoid rebooting your device based on your daily usage.

Build 18282 OneDrive Black

The usual bunch of Narrator improvements seal the deal, as does the OneDrive flyout pickup up support for the dark theme.

We are still in the early development cycle for Windows 10 19H1, but there are a whole lot of new features worth checking out in this build. A lot more are set to arrive in the coming weeks and months, no doubt, along with improvements to existing ones.

Exciting times!

Let us know how you like the light theme if you do end up installing build 18282, though.

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