New Microsoft commercial I do like – Skydrive

a Microsoft commercial that I didnt like, now it’s time to talk about one that I do like. Microsoft have put out this commercial talking about SkyDrive. As you may know, with SkyDrive you can store your files and access them from anywhere. As Microsoft put it:

SkyDrive is also a platform for apps like Microsoft OneNote 2010 to build on. The ubiquity of SkyDrive means that if you’re using OneNote 2010 with SkyDrive, your notebooks will be available from wherever you are and will be accessible via, your Windows Phone, your PC with OneNote 2010, and even your iPhone.
This commercial shows a dad shopping for groceries with a dynamic list besing updated in real time via Microsoft technology. It’s cute, smart, funny, practical and makes sense. It doesnt seem old fashioned at all and seems like a more high tech example of a marketing effort. Check it out.]]>

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