New Microsoft Edge Features Will Leave You Floored

Edge New Features

Can we say, the best browser on the market? Not too far, if we take into account these new Microsoft Edge features that have been unveiled at the BUILD 2020 virtual event.

In short, this fledgling new web browser brings it!

There is actually a metric ton of new additions to Edge, both for end users and developers. These, the software titan has detailed in the announcement post, which makes it clear that the new Edge means business.

It is shaping up to be the most innovative browser out there, without competition.

Here’s a richly produced video that illustrates these new additions:

For starters, there is a new sidebar search option that enables you to conduct your searches right in the window. You no longer have to open a new tab and lose your focus. The search results appear in the sidebar as well.

Collections is getting Pinterest integration, as Microsoft has partnered up with the company.

This new development means that you can now take images, text, and links from around the web and store them in groups. You will also see recommendations from Pinterest at the bottom, and even export your collection to the visual social network.

A bunch of Bing improvements also accompany these additions, while Power BI integration is incoming.

Microsoft is also releasing a preview of WebView2, which is now part of the company’s Project Reunion efforts to unify the UWP and the classic Win32 apps platform. This technology is based on Chromium, meaning developers can include that in their apps instead of the original EdgeHTML WebView.

And finally, but most importantly, Microsoft is ready to push the new browser to users in the coming days. The new Edge has been available for download for a while now. But it will now most likely arrive for everyone as part of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.


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