New Microsoft Job Posting Confirms Work Is Underway On Windows 9

Or in other words, this is as close as you will get right now, short of an official confirmation from Redmond. But as recent rumors have suggested, work on Windows 9 is already underway.

The next major version upgrade to the Windows OS is said to be released sometimes in November 2014, and a new job posting from Microsoft affirms that things are in progress.

Folks over at were the first to spot the ad that says Microsoft is looking for a Bing Software Engineer to work on the upcoming Windows 9. The ad reads something like:

“We utilize cutting edge technologies across the stack from Bing metro application development using WinJS and HTML5, innovative features in IE10 such as flip ahead and much more! The team will be constantly delivering great products in areas including Windows 9, IE11 services integration, touch friendly devices including iPad and more.”

Additionally, a profile of a Microsoft employee has also just surfaced, which confirms the fact that Windows 9 is now under active development. Not just that, work is also underway on Windows 9 — the next major upgrade to the company’s mobile operating platform:

“Working as a software test engineer in the Windows Phone Test Services team currently testing Windows 9 OS on Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm devices.”

What exactly is the focus on this next version of Windows is still mostly under wraps. Most insiders suggest that Windows 9 will continue the UI design philosophy of Windows 8 and expand upon it.

And as for some important milestones, Microsoft is said to launch the first beta version of Windows 9 sometimes in January 2014. The RTM version of the operating system is set for release in October next year, meaning there is time enough for the software giant to make some impressive improvements.

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