New Microsoft Office Icons Ooze Style

Say goodbye to the old classic Microsoft Office icons, which sported a big bold letter with a bit of a graphical suggestion of what that program was supposed to do.

This was a style that has stuck through the decades — for better or for worse.

Better, mostly.

Office Icons History

But Microsoft is leaving all of that behind, with this stylish new refresh of its icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and various other components of the Office suite. And yes, Skype and OneDrive also got a look in, with this trendy new redo.

A redo was just what the doctor ordered, instead of another refresh. If anything, it was a long time coming, with the last redesign sometime in 2013.

The Redmond based software titan detailed these redesigned app icons in a post on Medium, confirming that Microsoft Design approached this project as a reflection of how much Office has changed since the last makeover, and how it has changed Windows alongside.

Microsoft also put together this little video:

Of course, the most obvious change here is that the letters themselves are now smaller, with the company opting to play up the imagery that depicts what you can accomplish in the application.

Basic shapes in pure color, brilliant!

In many ways, this is a symbolic milestone for Microsoft as a whole, showcasing the changing face of the company. Yes, it is a purely superficial change, and not functional improvements to the popular programs, which are in many ways unmatched in terms of what they offer.

This modern look and feel of Office that pays homage to its heritage is coming to Windows, macOS, mobile and the web, in due time for each platform.

In the meantime, take a look at the new icons, and let us know your thoughts on what you feel about the redesign — like it, love it, or should Microsoft have taken a different approach?

Let’s hear it!

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