New Microsoft Store Features Coming Soon

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is all set to roll out some new features for Microsoft Store, many of them quality of life improvements that the company actually already made available previously.

On the Windows Phone platform, so to say.

Along with other small new features here and there to improve the experience.

We already know that Redmond was working on bringing remote app installation to its app store website, and it now appears that this was simple a part of a larger set of updates that the company has lined up for the Store.

In fact, it is actively testing these improvements, A/B testing at that, with the ultimate aim of making the Microsoft Store more appealing to users.

As noted, along with remote applications on the Store website, users will soon also be able to do the same from within the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and install their apps and games on all their devices with a single click.


Sweeter still is a Cart and Wish List Feature that allows them to save any of their hardware, apps, games and other media found on the Store for pursuing at a later date. Sadly, there is no way of sharing these lists with others as of yet, nor is there a way to let developers know what apps are needed.

But hopefully, Microsoft is working on this.

That said, the company has also improved the look and feel of its app repository, with slight enhancements to the homepage and revamped navigation. Which basically lets you pick one of the subcategories of content users are looking for, directly from the Store header.

Nothing major, but very welcome nevertheless.

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