New Microsoft Study Shows Many People Like To Use Social Networks At Work

Access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter is blocked at most workplaces, with most businesses limiting these websites on the work PCs of their employees.

But a new study conducted by Microsoft shows that many people like to use social networks while at work, and for them using these services actually helps them do their job better. 9,908 information workers in 32 countries were tallied in this new study.

Microsoft shared the results in a press release saying that the results showed that around 46 percent of workers feel that access to social networks improves their productivity at work.

Most companies, however, block access to these services as this study confirms — with loss of productivity and security the two primary concerns cited.

But Kurt DelBene, the president of Microsoft’s Office division, is of the opinion that social networking services in business can generate as big of a boost to productivity as email did in the 1990s:

“As we look ahead at how collaboration and communications continue to evolve, we believe the tools people use today — email, instant messaging, voice, videoconferencing, social — will come together and be deeply integrated into apps in ways that will speed collaboration and truly transform the way people work.”

However, the study reveals that 28 percent of IT employees know of coworkers that have gone ahead and installed access to social networks at work, bypassing their company’s PC protocols that prohibit it.

As with most studies commissioned by Microsoft, this one comes with another one of those engaging infographics that visually breaks down the numbers. You can take a look at it at the link above.

Redmond obviously has its own business-oriented social networking service that goes by the name of Yammer. It is slowly and steadily being integrated with Office 365, and currently boasts more than seven million registered users.

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