New Microsoft Study Shows That Banning Work From Home Is A Mistake

Microsoft sure is quick with these studies. You may be aware that Yahoo recently decided to ban working from home, and the Internet giant now forces employees to come to the office every single day.

Needless to say, many people have criticized the company for its new strategy.

Even Bill Gates, when recently asked, said that he is of the view that workers should be provided with more flexibility, clearly suggesting his belief that a decision like this is very counterproductive.

And now Microsoft has commissioned a new study that reveals that 70 percent of employees believe they can work more and better when they are out of the office. And 38 percent of the workers said that they tend to be more creative when working flexibly.

Microsoft’s chief envisaging officer, Dave Coplin, believes:

“People don’t need to be shackled to their desks to be productive or to collaborate with their colleagues. Work should be a thing you do not a place you go.

Flexible working is more about choosing a location that best suits your requirements to get the job done. This can mean working from a variety of locations during the day, be that on the move, a shared knowledge hub, a coffee shop, a remote office or at home if need be.”

The survey showed that 73 percent of the respondents held a view that there is a distinct lack of trust within their organization when it comes to working from home. Another 30 percent of those surveyed revealed that they sometimes feel guilty about not being in the office.

And even though it has been proven that most people are less productive when away from the office, an amazing 92 percent said that they have no such concerns about getting distracted working from home.

Redmond, very obviously, is betting big on this flexible working strategy, as the company has positioned its Skype platform as a way forward. The software giant believes that existing technology has what it takes to enable companies to keep track of their employees, even when they are out of office.

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