New Microsoft Video Pits Nokia Lumia 920 Against Galaxy S3

When it comes to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s main partner is Nokia, followed by HTC with Huawei and Samsung also playing a role, even if not “front and center”. That’s why it is at least a little surprising that Microsoft and Nokia’s latest ad is targeted directly against its partner, Samsung.

Of course, business is business and the Galaxy S3 is the most recognized Android device out on the market. The latest advertisement is part of Microsoft’s “Meet your Match” campaign. According to the ad they used real people and challenged them to search for a local restaurant quicker than the Nokia Lumia 920 could with their S3.

The results were in Lumia’s favor, and as a reward for participating the users were given free Lumia 920 upgrades (or at least that is what the ad implies).

Going against Samsung and other recognized Android devices in a “real world” scenario is a good start if Microsoft wants to make a bigger impact in the smartphone market, but I’d still like to see some advertising geared directly towards the enterprise level and BYOD use as well.

Despite its more “casual” interface, Windows Phone 8 has many great features that make it a great match in the enterprise world as well (such as Office). Anyhow, check out the commercial for yourself:

What do you think of the commercial? Does the quick searching with the Lumia surprise you or not? Share your thoughts below.

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